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Company profile

Shandong Bardi Biological Technology Co., Ltd

Shandong Bardi Biological Technology Co., Ltd, established in Nov of 2014, is a modern biotechnology company with hi-tech biological products R&D, production and sales, EC, internet, finance, etc. as its mainstays.

Since the company was listed in Qilu Equity Trading Center in June of 2018, it has been integrating all resources and optimizing the production system, laying a solid foundation for the sustainable development in the industry and the improvement of the brand awareness.

Three Centers: Research&Development Center, Marketing Center, Production Center

Three Series:

【Enzyme products and enzyme agricultural products based on biotechnology】

【Healthy snacks and healthy elderly foods】

【Health care products like Cistanche deserticola】

Bardi biological responds to the state appeal, paying attention to people’s health care and pension. Based on two major industry pillars, the company focuses on building the health care and pension service with the big health industry chain as the center.

Bardi biological holds such an operation philosophy that moral integrity leads to anywhere of the world and honesty wins the world, such a slogan that Bardi, creates vitality with science and technology, and such a service principle that pursue interests for who that makes achievements and benefits for who that enjoys the achievements. The enterprise vitality comes from its belief that value originates from creation of value. The company integrates various resources, maintains a sustainable development of the industry, improves the brand awareness, and enhances the social responsibility sense and will serve people with better and better products and will make greater contributions to human health.

Bardi originates from buddy meaning cooperative partners. Shandong Bardi Biological Technology Co., Ltd. is the platform where you would like to work together with me. Bardi platform has been well prepared and we look forward to performing with you to build the Chine dream together.