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Water soluble compound microbe fertilizer (Ecological potassium fulvic acid type)

Water soluble compound microbe fertilizer (Ecological potassium fulvic acid type)

【Type】powder / granular

【Product introduction】This product can meet the nutritional needs of fruit trees, vegetables, corn, wheat, rice, peanut and other field crops.

【Technical targets】Total nitrogen≥7.04%, Total phosphorus≥1.02%, Total potassium≥8%, Total oxygen N+P2O5+K2O≥15% Organic matter≥40%, trace element≥5%, Effective viable count≥50 000 000/克, Potassium fulvic acid≥60%

【Product introduction】

1、It can improve the soil aggregate structure, loosen the soil, improve the ability of water and fertilizer conservation, adjust the pH value, reduce the content of heavy metals in the soil, and reduce the harm of salt ions to seeds and seedlings.

2、Nitrogen fixation and phosphorus release, activation of potassium, especially for potassium fertilizer efficiency is particularly obvious, play a role in increasing roots and seedlings, resistance to continuous cropping, disease resistance, drought resistance and cold resistance, and improve crop quality.

3、It has obvious effect on the physiological diseases caused by the lack of trace elements.

4、It resists soil borne diseases such as continuous cropping, dead and rotten roots, bacterial wilt, root rot and root knot nematode.

5、It can effectively control the soil acidification and salinization, break the soil hardening, loosen and activate the soil, enhance the root activity of root crops, and have obvious anti premature aging effect.