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Compound enzyme plant growth promoting liquid No.2

Compound enzyme plant growth promoting liquid No.2

【Adapt to】Fields, greenhouses, vegetables, flowers, tobacco, tea garden, Chinese herbal medicine and garden seedlings are especially suitable for the production of green and organic farms.


1、Spraying at 300-500 dilution on the front and back of the plant, spraying once every 10 days during fruit formation and fruit setting period, 2-3 times of continuous use can get obvious effect.

2、During flushing and watering, the water should be dropped into the water according to the amount of water, 8-10 kg / mu, or diluted by 500 times.

【Product introduction】

1、It can repair soil structure, improve desertification, control soil hardening, release phosphorus and potassium, balance soil pH value, improve soil water retention and air permeability, and promote the reproduction of beneficial bacteria.

2、It can remove soil borne diseases of pathogenic microorganisms, activate the dominant dominant of beneficial bacteria, control continuous cropping obstacles, black roots and rotten stems, promote the decomposition of soil organic matter, improve the balanced fertility of soil, and inhibit the growth of root knot residual insects and leek maggots.

3、Enhance plant metabolism, balance plant nutrition and health, promote photosynthesis and root growth and development, increase plant resistance and resistance to adverse environment such as high temperature and drought, increase yield and improve product quality.

4、It can achieve fruit setting effect, promote flower bud differentiation, improve flower and fruit setting rate, expand fruit color, taste good, and store well.