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Compound enzyme plant growth promoting liquid No.1

Compound enzyme plant growth promoting liquid No.1

【Adapt to】Seedling stage of the field crops, greenhouse crops, vegetables, flowers, tobacco, tea garden, garden seedlings and so on.

【Usage】 8-10 kg / mu, diluted by 500 times. Every 10-15 days, 2-3 times is the best.

【Product introduction】

1、Rooting and strengthen seedlings, promoting root development, increasing absorption area and repairing soil structure.

2、The utilization rate of fertilizer in soil was increased by 20% - 30%, and the yield was increased significantly.

3、It can promote the growth of crops, increase photosynthesis, make the leaves dark green, bright, strong stems, and increase the ability of disease resistance and drought resistance.

4、Effectively improve the quality of products, advance the leading time to market and increase income.

5、Soil consolidation, desertification, activation of soil microbial flora, improve soil aggregate structure, water and fertilizer conservation and increase air permeability.