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Compound enzyme fertilizer solution nutrient

Compound enzyme fertilizer solution nutrient

【Pack】5L【Adapt to】Adapt to: fish, shrimp, crab, shellfish, sea cucumber and other sea and fresh water aquaculture.

【Product introduction】

1、Fertilizer water nutrient solution contains a large number of active enzymes and amino acids, which can be quickly absorbed and utilized by algae, promote the growth of unicellular algae, zooplankton and beneficial bacteria, maintain water color, increase dissolved oxygen, and provide natural food for breeding animals.

2、With the addition of special substances, high-quality algae can be rapidly and directionally cultivated under the conditions of low temperature and weak light, greenhouse culture, etc., and the water quality can be improved quickly, and the water body is fertile, tender and fresh.

3、Degrade ammonia nitrogen, nitrite nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide and other toxic substances, mineralize them to become nutrients for algae growth; increase dissolved oxygen and create a good ecological environment.

4、It can reduce the harm of stress to breeding animals and promote the healthy growth of cultured animals.

5、It can improve the pH value of the pond and increase the stocking density.

6、It can improve black water, stink water, malodorous water and oil film water.


1、Intensive culture pond, normal topdressing with 3-5 kg / mu. M.

2、New pond, pond with fertilizing water 5-7 kg / mu. M

3、3、Greenhouse use 2kg / mu. M, after mixing water, the whole pool is sprinkled.