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Compound enzyme fertilizer water detoxification nutrient

Compound enzyme fertilizer water detoxification nutrient

【Adapt to】Adapt to: fish, shrimp, crab, shellfish, mussel, pearl, sea cucumber and other aquaculture in seawater / fresh water.

【Usage】1.5-2 kg / mu. M, add water 1:300 in the morning and sprinkle it all over the ground, and start the aerator to sprinkle around the better.

【Product introduction】

1. It can quickly remove toxin from the liver and the pancreas, improve liver function, increase activity, activate intestinal digestive enzymes, increase the absorption and synthesis ability of nutrients, and promote growth.

2. Detoxification, water purification, stress prevention, decomposition, reduce ammonia nitrogen stock content, promote the growth of fish and aquatic organisms. It can prevent crabs from going ashore, red legs in shrimp ponds. It can prevent the occurrence of stress phenomena such as crab landing, red leg shrimp swimming pool and fish jumping.

3. Reduce the pH value (pH value 6.5-8.5). When the pH value is lower than 6.5, fish will come up for air because of anoxia. This product can reduce the toxicity of ammonia nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide, nitrite, and increase the dissolved oxygen at the same time. Temperature: 25 ℃ - 32 ℃. Depth: 80cm in May to September and 1.5m in October to April.

4. The special substances added in this product can decompose sludge and harmful substances and transform organic beneficial nutrients. It can cultivate high-quality algae and fertilize water quality rapidly. Control transparency, transparency is too big water is not fertilizer, too low no photosynthesis.

5. Active enzyme and other substances can greatly improve the quality of products, shorten the feeding time, fatten the market ahead of time, and increase production and income.