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Bardi biological enzyme fertilizer

Bardi biological enzyme fertilizer

【Type】powder / granular

【Product features】This product is produced with patented biotechnology. It is rich in organic materials and beneficial active microorganisms. It has the effect of loosening soil, prompting rooting, strengthening plants and disease prevention.

【Adapt to】The powder / granule bacteria agent products are suitable for paddy field, dry field, leafy vegetables, melons and vegetables, fruits and vegetables, all kinds of fruit trees, garden flowers, tea trees, Chinese herbal medicines, etc.

【Product introduction】

Loosening soil: Microbial community and organic materials can improve soil aggregate structure, loosen soil, resist continuous cropping, avoid deep tillage, and improve soil consolidation.

Prompting rooting: Microbial flora can promote root growth, enhance root absorption capacity, rooting, rooting and strengthening.

Strengthening plants: Microbial flora can enhance the cold resistance, drought resistance and waterlog resistance of plants, fix nitrogen, solute phosphorus and potassium, improve soil fertility, balance nutrition, and make plants grow healthily.

Preventing diseases: Microbial flora can enhance plant disease resistance, inhibit soil borne diseases and reduce pesticide use.

Quick absorbing: Compound enzyme microbial agent can be quickly absorbed by crops, and liquid microbial agent can be absorbed very fast.

High efficiency: water and fertilizer saving, time and labor saving, safe and efficient. Accelerate seed germination and increase seedling emergence rate.