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Water moisturizing essence mask

Water moisturizing essence mask

Cosmetics manufacturing license code: 粤妆20160309

Performance standards: QB/T 2872

Date of manufacture: see the marking (please use before the best-before date) approved

Shelf life: 3 years

Storage: keep cool and dry and avoid direct sunlight.

Apply to: any skin.

Notes: If you feel any discomfort during the process, please rinse with clean water and stop using.

Usage: after cleaning, apply the mask to your face, remove the pearlized film and press the face to make mask adhere to the skin closely. After 15mins, remove the film from your face and slightly massage the face and neck until the remaining essence on the skin is totally absorbed.

Efficacy: Improve the skin, replenish water and keep it moist and tight. It can increase the moisture content of the skin, enhance the luster of the skin, improve the dryness, roughness and dryness caused by the water shortage of the skin, replenish the water, relieve and repair the skin, and clean the dirt in the pores of the skin, and make the skin moist, delicate, full, elastic and lustrous.